The Colour of Separation

I was born in 1975 so my memories of apartheid – the real separate amenities petty apartheid stuff – are pretty hazy. One of my clearest memories is the separate bus system. Sky Blue for the whites. Moss Green busses for everyone else. I don’t think that even the most delirious Nationalist could have seriously conceived of having separate busses for all the race-groups like they did with beaches and swimming pools. The busses were operated by the municipality. The white busses were a beautiful sky blue. I remember waiting for the bus at my bus stop which was at the top of a blind rise. You’d hear the sound of a bus accelerating up the hill and leap to your feet. I can still recall the “awshit” feeling when the bus crested the hill only to be a green one. I don’t remember when the green busses went. But I do recall the introduction of the Mynah bus. Small busses which tootled around town and the Berea. They opened up the city for me. For 50c you could get the beach or into town. Those odysseys of discovery formed my world view and my inveterate habit of travelling alone.


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born in the 70's, raised in the 80's, jolled in the 90's, started my legal career in the 00's: these are my memories.
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